To reach Net Zero Emissions in aviation, a collaborative approach between government, industry and investors is essential.

Commercialisation and scale are key to meeting the urgent timeline of climate change.

Membership Opportunities

ZE-Aviation Alliance invites membership and participation from a broad spectrum of national and international industry stakeholders, regional airport operators, regional airlines, renewable wind energy industry, alternative aviation fuel supply chain, aircraft/engine manufacturers, aviation technology innovators, as well as academia and government support to pursue this opportunity towards green acceleration of the aviation ecosystem and provide a roadmap for sustainable regional aviation investment.

Ireland Enabling Zero-Emission Regional Aviation


To revolutionise regional air connectivity in Ireland by fostering national and international collaboration, innovation, and sustainability with key stakeholders, thus ensuring safer, more efficient, more flexible and environmentally conscious air travel for generations to come.

Collaborate with us to drive innovation and impact in the global aviation industry

Let’s find a way to make Regional aviation more sustainable with increased global connectivity

Let’s work together to strengthen our regional airports as key enablers of regional economic growth

Let’s revolutionise regional air connectivity for our island

Together, we can make a difference with ZE-Aviation Alliance.

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