Key Pillars

The SMART Green Aviation EcoSystem has 3 Pillars

The goal is to establish the mid-west region as the centre of excellence to simulate and demonstrate the sustainable aviation ecosystem. Key to this will be the ability to leverage synergies from our existing Aviation stakeholders in Ireland, other industries (e.g. automotive), our FDI strengths, R&D incentives and tax structure for future revenue generated in Ireland.

The opportunity around the new zero-emission technologies in development will shape our thinking on solutions for net-zero regional air transport operation as part of a multi-modal connected transport strategy.

This Incubator will bring together stakeholders to study a wide range of applications of available technological innovations, energy efficiency, and infrastructure requirements including hybrid and all-electric, sustainable aviation fuel alternatives, hydrogen fuel-cell, and hydrogen-fueled gas turbine-powered aircraft.

Technical Roadmap for Demonstrators

ZEMAVA will develop three distinct but interconnected technical Demonstrator project areas based on the three pillars of our EcoSystem, namely Airport Energy Infrastructure, Alternative Aviation Fuel and Technology Certification/Safety. The three Demonstrators will form the cornerstone of our aviation technology Incubator Hub for ZE-Aviation Alliance and from which we can incrementally build additional projects.


ZE-Aviation Alliance (ZEMAVA) will deliver significant and concrete impacts to the mid-west region and for the aviation industry in Ireland.

It will help measure passenger appetite for new aircraft technology, especially on lifeline regional routes, and the potential impact on the regional economy from the adoption of these new technologies.
This incubation hub has the potential to put Ireland at the forefront of the transition to low carbon aviation and is an important step towards delivering our commitment to decarbonise scheduled passenger flights.

Education and Policy Support

This Incubator will strengthen the mid-west region as part of the vision for a low carbon Atlantic Green Digital Basin by providing net zero aviation as an end use application for renewable energy. There is potential for the region as a manufacturing/distribution hub for sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) in Ireland and an innovation centre for future green aviation hydrogen production, transport, storage and distribution. This would greatly strengthen the mid-west region as part of the national aviation infrastructure strategy.

Technology Innovation

The SMART green airport campus incubator model developed will be a pilot that could be scaled and rolled out to other regional and national airports as part of a multi-modal connected transportation strategy. The goal will be to establish mid-west region as the centre of excellence to demonstrate the electric aviation ecosystem and attract significant investment in the region.

Investment Opportunity

Strategic Industrial partnerships will be key to the expansion objectives – working with government to target specific aviation industry expansion to Mid-West.

Opportunity for Talent Diversification and Expansion

The ZE-Aviation Alliance collaboration is ambitious and will be far-reaching into multiple sectors. It will require a long-term strategic planning programme for the technological, business and infrastructure elements, but also the human skills and resources that we will need in place at various stages of the implementation. Since the programme is wide reaching across the 3 pillars, the level of innovation, skills and expertise required will be diverse.

The various academic and education networks and service offering will have a critical part to play in the workforce design and people development elements of the strategy development and implementation. Key to the success of the initiative will be the ability of the region to provide a pipeline of talent to address the employment needs of the businesses in the region as they evolve and grow.

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